Crossroads Transitions


In the State of Florida, youth age out of the foster system at 18 years old--the very day they turn 18. For youth living with a foster family, the family may continue to house and support their former foster child, if they so choose, but without state support. 

But at group homes like Crossroads Hope Academy, youth have no choice but to leave on the day they turn 18. We do everything in our power to prepare our boys for that day--providing them with the tools needed to not only survive, but thrive, in society as an adult.

Think back to when you were 18... Were you truly ready and able to live independently of your parents? To work, pay your rent and bills, cook for yourself, do your laundry, keep your house clean. What about paying for your own car, car insurance, and oil changes? What about unexpected medical bills or major car repairs?

Generally speaking, most people genuinely need their parents' help and assistance to at least some degree well into their 20s, from help paying bills to learning how to cook chicken properly and not end up with food poisoning. But our boys? Whether they need financial assistance or just some help learning how to cook, they don't have anyone to call.

Crossroads Transitions was created to assist our 18 year-old and up population--our graduates. We would like to establish a board or group of people who can help our adult foster boys connect with resources (food, housing, job opportunities, education) when they are in need.  

Additionally, we have established the Crossroads Transitions Fund to help our graduates, within reason, when they encounter financial need or hardship.